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BubbleBlooms: A High-Rise Nursery Story

In the heart of Miami Beach, nestled within the compact walls of a sunlit apartment, BubbleBlooms emerged as a testament to urban ingenuity and a passion for nature. This story unfolds with two plant enthusiasts transforming their limited living space into a thriving online nursery, where every nook and cranny sprouted with life. Amidst the backdrop of a bustling city, their apartment became a sanctuary for rare and exotic plants, each one carefully nurtured to perfection. With the digital world as their marketplace, they connected with fellow green thumbs across the nation, sharing not just their plants but the joy of creating an urban oasis against all odds.

"Branching Out: The Leap to Apopka"

Faced with rapid growth and Miami's soaring rents, our business made a daring move to Apopka. Leaving the familiar behind, they embraced the unknown, trading their cramped apartment for a bigger home with a backyard. In this new soil, their dream flourished, marking the start of an exciting chapter in their journey from a small online nursery to a thriving plant haven.

Flourishing Together: The Harmony Expansion

As time went on BubbleBlooms became a brand of Florida House Plants. Roots deepened in Apopka, and our growth accelerated, necessitating the addition of a dedicated team. The challenge of finding ample land in an area where estates are treasures passed down or sold for fortunes loomed large. Yet, the winds of fortune blew favorably, guided by the support of Harmony Foliage, a revered local nursery, alongside the unwavering loyalty of our online community, friends, and family. This coalition of support culminated in the acquisition of a sprawling property, setting the stage for an unprecedented expansion. On this fertile ground, a new home was established, not just for us but for a burgeoning family of plant lovers and employees.


Now, with over 1,000 plants nestled within our greenhouses and garden spaces, we stand as a testament to the power of community, passion, and the universal joy of planting. Our dedication to diversity, quality, and education ensures that every customer can find their perfect green companion, from the rare and exotic to the beloved classics.

  • Diverse Plant Selection

    Offer a wide range of plants, including rare, exotic, and local varieties, catering to both novice and experienced gardeners.

  • Quality and Health of Plants

    Ensure that all plants are healthy, well-nurtured, and free from pests and diseases

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